Vegetal Stories

The Vegetal Stories are an invitation to let ourselves be re-enchanted by the beauty and the essentiality of nature. We consume fruits and vegetables every day, they surround us but do we ever really take the time to see them nor understand them? These ceramic sculptures bring the audience to take a break and appreciate a reality we stopped looking at. 

From ancient times to the present and across every civilization, the representation of food in its rawest form has been a very important part of the artistic production. The vegetal stories take their roots in these traditions but flourish in today world. In between Italian ceramics of the 18th century and Martin Margiela, these stories features roots, bulbs, tubers and fruits all reproduced in jade clay, the purest and whitest of all clay. Unglazed, so as not to hide their truth.   

The Vegetal Stories operate like three-dimensional black and white photographs of fruits and vegetables. The absence of colors, odors and flavors highlight the abstract qualities of the vegetal representation. It makes us feel the simple yet complex perfection of the forms, lines and patterns of vegetables, whose natural geometry has been slowly shaped by millions of years of evolution. 



“叙事性蔬果” 的角色就如同静物摄影一般,在颜色、气味和口味的缺席中突出其抽象特质。这使我们重新感受果蔬浑然天成的线条、形态和图案 — 历经数百万年的进化而得来的天然有机形状,并不繁复,离完美很近。